Create a REST server within Unity to provide a Http API for other tools to call into your Unity application.

Use cases

  • 📱 Mobile Browser Apps
  • 🤝 Companion apps for games
  • 👾 Twitch Overlays
  • 🧑‍💻️ Render Servers
  • 🖥 Remote Installations / Displays
  • and many, many more

This is useful to accept commands from companion apps and/or other applications to make Unity more interactive.


  • Supports Visual Scripting (info)
  • Auto Endpoints (Position/Rotation/Scale, Material and more) (info)
  • Fast, handles multithreading so unity objects can be accessed safely (info)
  • Includes the NetCoreServer library (MIT License), which is a fast C# server library (homepage)
  • Supports HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS by default and, with a custom implementation, all other methods (info)
  • Register endpoints either directly or with regular expression support (info)
  • Supports query parameters like ?x=3&y=3 (info)
  • Includes helper functions to call unity objects from rest server code. (info)
  • Debugging Utilities
  • Simple WebSocket support (info)
  • Handle Multipart Form Uploads (info)
  • Platform Support (tested)
    • ✅ Windows (Mono/IL2CPP)
    • ✅ Mac M1/Intel (Mono/IL2CPP)
    • ✅ Android
    • ✅ iOS