• Implemented Ziggurat algorithm for all distributions
  • Your proposal here :)

1.2.0 (24.10.2023)

  • New Added FairRandom implementation gives a psychological expected distribution for RPGs.
  • New Added RpgDiceDistribution implementation, inspired by the dice notation for RPG games.
  • New Added LogisticDistribution
  • New Added GRandomMono, a simple Mono/IL2CPP only GRandom implementation

1.1.0 (12.06.2023)

  • New Added DiscreteDistribution as more performant alternative to the RouletteDistribution
  • New Added NextFloatWithRejection a simple, very flexible distribution sampling algorithm for distributions described by an AnimationCurve
  • New Added NextColorHSV and NextColorRGB
  • New Added NextDirection double variants
  • New Added NextQuaternion
  • New Added NextInsideSphere and NextInsideCircle

1.0.0 (01.03.2023)

  • New Initial version