Overview of the General Random package

Use the random number generators for your next great game. Various rngs are provided that offer more flexibility than the default C# or Unity provided standard. Faster RNGs or RNGs with more stochastic uniqueness. Useful for burst optimized algorithms like procedural generation, simulations and/or normal C# code like RPGs.


  • All algorithms are compatible with Burst, IL2CPP and Mono
  • Uses only structs and NativeArray, NativeSlice and Spans (all supported by Burst)
  • Pseudo Random Number Algorithms:
    • Xoroshiro Variants, Xoshiro Variants, Lehmer, PCG, Lcg, SplitMix, more to come
  • Generation of
    • bools, uint, int, ulong, direction, double, float, fill arrays, spans and slices
  • Distributions:
    • Normal (Ziggurat Variant), Roulette, more to come
  • 100% Unit-test coverage, over 4000 unit test cases
    • Every function is checked if it executes successfully in mono, burst and IL2CPP